Our mission at Write To Be Free! became one of helping people learn what happened to our identities around this country. In today's day and age the recovery of your identity is about to happen, and also equitable title to your life. 

People didn't necessarily know what went on when a new born baby was registered by a state licensed company.

People don't realize the fate of their offspring born under marriage licensed wedlock.

Generally speaking, American children have become wards of the State at birth.

Parents usually had no clue what was going on within a Hospital Administration. 

We aim to bring clarity to these problems that Americans are facing 24/7 throughout the use of a LEGAL NAME as if that NAME was that body. 

We do so without giving legal advice

People have gotten their LEGAL NAME IDENTITY stuck into a web of commerce which has led to corruption and deceit.

How many Americans wrote to government to ask for written permission to use "copyright protected" company property? 

Did Americans ever learn of the fact that a state generated LEGAL NAME is something which becomes owned by foreigners?

But here is a way to learn about the situation and then we aim to provide a means to do something about it...

Our efforts will help with writing letters to everyone who needs to be informed and to be put on notice.

We provide content under Fair Use while there can be a one-time donation for obtaining a lifetime membership to our program. 

As time goes on, we will stock document templates from the experiences of people all around the country.

Please use our website to learn more about our mission, our objectives and how you can help.

We hope you will come to our Template Cabinet and sample some of our written ideas.

You are welcomed to do everything that Write To Be Free! has available to you.

Our philosophy finds us doing everything we can to help everyone out here.